Twin-Engine Airplane Crashes in Muddy Field South of Dallas ...

Twin-engine airplane crashes in muddy field south of Dallas

FERRIS, Texas — Officials say a plane that apparently lost power in both engines has crashed in a muddy North Texas field in an accident that left the pilot slightly hurt. KTVT-TV reports the nose of the Beechcraft B-60 appears to have been torn off in the crash late Thursday morning near Ferris, about 20 miles (32 kilometers) south of Dallas. The left engine apparently broke off during the accident in rural Ellis County. A Federal Aviation Administration statement says the pilot was alone and suffered minor injuries in the crash. FAA spokesman Lynn Lunsford says the pilot reported both engines lost power on a flight from Addison Airport to… Read More

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Benefits of Renting Versus Owning an Apartment in North Dallas

Have you selected North Dallas apartments or homes to buy or rent, then you should understand what will be your best choice – Buying or renting. Although owning an apartment sometimes makes sense financially, at certain times in their lives some folks are better off renting. Here are some benefits: Simplicity: Locating a house to buy can be very stressful and time-consuming whereas looking out for a rental property that matches your situation will be done in a matter of days during a heap of cases. When shopping for a house, obtaining financing along with scheduling inspections, and dealing with issue upon issue will be wearisome. Renters never need to… Read More

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Buying an Apartment with Imperfect Credit

The majority of apartments selling agencies will not tell you this kind of facts which you should know before buying an apartment for your life. Before you will decide to buy from a wide range of apartments like North Dallas apartments, Michigan community apartments, and new heaven apartments etc. you have to know every information that you will be needing in the future when you will try to buy a new apartment for your family. Make it very necessary for you to understand the history of your credit and decide after that. American has been startled by the sub-prime market collapse, which has created a major financial crisis. Lenders gave… Read More

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