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What’s Going On In The World In Dallas TX When It Comes To News?

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What’s going on in Dallas, Texas? Dallas is a major city, and there is always news brewing. Texas itself has been in the national news every day lately with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts still in full swing. Dallas wasn’t directly affected by the Hurricane, but many people from all over the state jumped in to help those in Houston and other cities.

As for Dallas, there has been some news reported recently about Lee Park being renamed. This has everything to do with the issue that is sweeping the nation concerning pride in Confederate heritage and that pride being on display. There are statues all over the US, streets and parks named after Confederate soldiers and more. There are movements now to get rid of all of this Confederate memorabilia so to speak.

So Lee Park in Dallas has been renamed, and the news outlets say that the streets could be next. Do you agree with what they are doing? Many people do, and they are saying that others don’t realize how problematic it is to pay homage to the Confederacy. The task force is also saying that they think the monuments should be removed.

In other Dallas news, the Dallas Bulk Mail Center had a hazmat spill, and four people were hospitalized. As for your local weather in Dallas, you can still expect it to be hot, hot, hot. In all seriousness, summer weather isn’t quite over in Texas just yet. It will be soon though.

As for Hurricane relief, you can bet Dallas is playing a part. One man was rescued to Dallas for surgery to save his life. There are all kinds of news stories coming out of Dallas each and every day. Everyone stay safe out there, and let’s keep uplifting news stories coming and not ones that make you cringe.